American Motors corporation was formed by the merger of Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and Hudson Motor Car Company in 1954

Vehicles produced by American Motors Corporation and vehicles produced by companies that made up American Motors Corporation from 1902 to 1987 are all part of the Rambler Car Club of WA. Membership of the Rambler Car Club is not restricted to ownership of these cars but is open to enthusiasts of the cars and enthusiasts of the old car mevement.

The Rambler Car Club of WA was formed in March 1991 and is a non-profit organisation, which encourages the preservation, restoration and collection of AMC vehicles and associated products.

The club's aims are to promote and foster the interests of American Motors vehicle owners and enthusiasts by providing information relating to the availability of new and used parts, maintaining a library of books and journals, organising exhibitions and demonstrations and organising social activities for all members and their families.

Contact with other AMC clubs is maintained with the view of information exchange and the promotion of the AMC product. The Rambler Car Club of WA is a member of the Council of Motoring Clubs of WA. The club has concessional licence facilities for cars over 25 years old.
AMC cars under the club's banner are listed below:

American Motors Corporation
Concord, Eagle, Spirit, Kammback, Pacer, SX4

American Motors General
Humvee, Hummer

Ambassador, American, AMX, Classic, Gremlin, Hornet, Jevelin, Marlin,
Matador, Matador X, Rebel

Commodore, Essex, Hornet, Jet, Pacemaker, Terraplane, Wasp
Ajax, Ambassador, Lafayette, Metropolitan, Statesman

Cherokee, Comanche, Commander, Gladiator, Renegade, Wagoneer, Wrangler, J-FC & CJ Series

Ace, Aero, Jeep, Jeepster, MA-MB